Add video to Shopify

Adding video to Shopify store increases conversions and helps your customers understand your products.

To add a video to Shopify you need to choose a theme. However, there are many themes in Shopify with a feature of adding videos by inserting a link.

How to add Youtube video in Shopify? If the theme you have chosen does not have such an option, this is how to add video section in Shopify: go to Admin section, click  Add Section → Featured video. Copy the video code and paste in Shopify. The preview area shows the video, and you will be able to verify whether your link works.  Click Save.  

How to add mp4 video to Shopify? Or how to add video to Shopify without Youtube? You can also add a video to Shopify store using the Files page in Shopify, if you do not wish to upload videos from YouTube or Vimeo. Upload the video into a computer in .mp4 format. Go to the admin panel → Settings →Files→Upload files.

Copy url and go to the store. Click Insert the link icon, and insert the link. This is the answer on the question on how to upload video to shopify store without using YouTube.

How to add product videos to Shopify?

To add YouTube video to Shopify, copy the embedded code. Go to the products section. In the Description box place the cursor at the location you wish to add a Shopify product image video. Click Insert video icon and insert embedded code of Youtube Video.

If your video isn in .mp4 file, insert the video from your desktop.  

How to add a video to Shopify product page?

Adding video to Shopify product page is very easy. Go to Shopify admin area and click Products. Find the product you would like to add a video to. Click the product, and in Description section click Insert video icon. Add video code to Shopify store, and click save.  

How to add video gallery in Shopify?

To add video to Shopify slideshow, go to Admin area → Apps → Create Video gallery. Upload  videos, set the gallery layout, and click Save button.

Add videos with product images Shopify

Go to the product, click Description box, copy a video code. Edit an image, and paste a video code into Image alt text. Click Save.

Shopify: Embed videos into description

Go to Admin Area →Product. Click on the product you need. Description → Show HTML. Copy a video embed code, paste into Description section, and save.

Add video to Shopify homepage 

This is how add videos to Shopify theme: Login into your admin panel →click Online Store →Select the button Customise your theme. If the theme does not have Video section, add it. In Video area click Image with text, insert a video link into Video link box, and set other properties.

Add video to Shopify Blog

Here you will learn how to add video to shopify blog: copy a video code→ got to a Shopify blog → click on Insert Video icon → insert  video url.