Shopify: insert video

Embedinng video into Shopify depends on a theme you have chosen. Some themes have already got the feature that helps you insert video into Shopify, and need only to copy and paste a video link. If embedding video into Shopify is not working, check your theme code.

If your theme has not such a feature, upload your videos in YouTube or Vimeo. Go to Add section in Admin panel.  Chose Featured Video, and paste a video embedded code. The preview area helps you understand if the link works, and you can also resize video if you need. Click the button Save. Pay attention to embedding video on Shopify failure, as usually 404 page is shown for customers, and some can be enjoyed. In case inserting video on Shopify is non- functioning, check out our site or answers of Shopify community. 

How to insert YouTube video on Shopify?

In Shopify you can add video to the product page, a collection, or to a blog post. Here are steps on how to insert a video in Shopify product page: admin panel→click on the product → choose insert video button from menu →choose the place where you want to embed video → click insert video icon. Go to YouTube and copy the code, go back to Shopify store and paste a video url. Click the button Insert video, and then Save. If while adding a video to Shopify a problem occurs, e.g. you do not have an embed snippet, you might want to consider uploading the video from YouTube to have the snippet.

If you need to embed a video on Shopify blog, copy video code, then go to a blog on Shopify, choose a post, and click on Insert video icon, paste the code and click on Insert Video button. If embedding video Shopify an error occurs, check out the size of video file.

Vimeo: insert a video Shopify

If you need to embed video onto Shopify page, go to pages and edit menu, copy and paste Vimeo url, and clik Save button. If you need to fix embedding Vimeo video on Shopify problems, first check out if you pasted Vimeo url correctly.

Aliexpress: how to insert a video in Shopify

To embed a video from Aliexpress into Shopify, visit the supplier page, and select the video you want to import, and the product you want to import videos into. If you are experiencing inserting Aliexpress video on Shopify bug such as no “Save” button, right click on the video to find the embed code. The go to the product page, and paste the code.

How to insert a video link?

It depends on whether you want to insert a video link into Shopify page, a blog post, or a product page.  This is how you add a link in Shopify: Go to the admin section→ choose a product page or a blog post. Click description box, and insert the link icon, and paste the link.

If functions insert video on Shopify do not work, check out whether video links are correct. One of the most common reasons why users experience problems described as embedding video on Shopify crash is simply the wrong url.

The abort embedding videos on Shopify  occurs only when the loading of  videos is aborted.